Tuesday, 21 December 2010

evaluation question three

What have you learned from your audience feedback ?

When I had finished my short film I asked three of my peers who were also in my media class to give me feedback. These are the questions I asked.
What is your first reaction of the film?
Responce A:
I found it really effective and it also gave me an awareness of domestic violence.
Responce B:
I thought it was very powerfull.
Responce C:
It gave me a real insite.
Do you think that this short film campaign will encourage those who have or are being effected by domestic violence to seek help?
Responce A:
I deffinatly think that this could encourage someone to seek help. I think this mainly because of the girl who has been effected talking at the start and end of the film
Responce B:yes i think it will as it showed a story instead of just abuse.
Responce C: It might because it shows how good times can turn to bad.
What I have Learned
These responces showed me that my short film can be very powerful and help reach out to those who have been effected. This is exactly what I was aiming for when I created my short film and storyline. Responce A on question 2 was very pleasing for me because it shows that usually campaigns just show abuse in relationship whereas my short film went through a story process.

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