Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Evaluation Question 2

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts ?
For my short film i used many different types of media to create my final project. I believe that together they all created a very effective short film.

It was very important to me to get the mise en scene of my short film just right. I wanted to have a simple theme when shooting my film. The three main locations for my film were a house,a street and Greenwich pier. I chose these locations because I wanted to show the couple go through different phases in their relationship. For example in the house scenes, these symbolises where the abuse and the fighting happens. I think this is effective because it sets the mood for each scene.
The costumes I used for the male and female characters were both the colour red. The red of their costumes has dual meaning as it represents red for love and romance and then red for blood and fighting.
The editing of my movie was also very important when looking at the effectiveness of my short film. I used the disolve transistion in most cuts that i used as I wanted my short film to lool like it was in a "dream" like state.
My actors also added to the effectiveness of my short film. I used the actor Jason Kennedy who is studying a-level drama. It was important to me to get someone in my film who had a strong intrest in drama to play such an dominating role. He needed to show a tough masculine side however also show a romantic and loving one.
To conclude I think that putting all of these media area's together to create my main project was very effective. I think the most important factor was the actors and the mise en scene of the film.

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