Tuesday, 21 December 2010

evaluation question 4

How did you use new media technology in the construction and research planning and evaluation stages ?

For my research and planning I used many different types of media technologies.
My main internet based technologies were google images and tiny pic. I used tinypic to upload my pictures to blogger. I used google images to research different types of images I needed for example when looking for short film posters.

Here is an example of how I use Google Images.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I used this video camera to film my whole media short film.

evaluation question three

What have you learned from your audience feedback ?

When I had finished my short film I asked three of my peers who were also in my media class to give me feedback. These are the questions I asked.
What is your first reaction of the film?
Responce A:
I found it really effective and it also gave me an awareness of domestic violence.
Responce B:
I thought it was very powerfull.
Responce C:
It gave me a real insite.
Do you think that this short film campaign will encourage those who have or are being effected by domestic violence to seek help?
Responce A:
I deffinatly think that this could encourage someone to seek help. I think this mainly because of the girl who has been effected talking at the start and end of the film
Responce B:yes i think it will as it showed a story instead of just abuse.
Responce C: It might because it shows how good times can turn to bad.
What I have Learned
These responces showed me that my short film can be very powerful and help reach out to those who have been effected. This is exactly what I was aiming for when I created my short film and storyline. Responce A on question 2 was very pleasing for me because it shows that usually campaigns just show abuse in relationship whereas my short film went through a story process.

Evaluation Question 2

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts ?
For my short film i used many different types of media to create my final project. I believe that together they all created a very effective short film.

It was very important to me to get the mise en scene of my short film just right. I wanted to have a simple theme when shooting my film. The three main locations for my film were a house,a street and Greenwich pier. I chose these locations because I wanted to show the couple go through different phases in their relationship. For example in the house scenes, these symbolises where the abuse and the fighting happens. I think this is effective because it sets the mood for each scene.
The costumes I used for the male and female characters were both the colour red. The red of their costumes has dual meaning as it represents red for love and romance and then red for blood and fighting.
The editing of my movie was also very important when looking at the effectiveness of my short film. I used the disolve transistion in most cuts that i used as I wanted my short film to lool like it was in a "dream" like state.
My actors also added to the effectiveness of my short film. I used the actor Jason Kennedy who is studying a-level drama. It was important to me to get someone in my film who had a strong intrest in drama to play such an dominating role. He needed to show a tough masculine side however also show a romantic and loving one.
To conclude I think that putting all of these media area's together to create my main project was very effective. I think the most important factor was the actors and the mise en scene of the film.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Evaluation Question One

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge the conventions of real media products?

I have used three different types of media whilst making my product. These were a double page review spread,a 5 minuite short film and a poster advertising my short film.
For my short film I decided that I would like to do a campaign. Once i had decided this I brainstormed all of the possible idea's for a campaign.
I thought about the possible idea's of my campaign being about selfharm, homophobia, rasism or sexism. I researched into current campaigns i had seen on the tv or internet. I found that many of these were campainging for a charity.

I decided that I would do my campaign on domestic violence. However my campaign would challenge the norms and values of many campaigns as it would be promoting a helpline rather than asking audience to donate. After analysing many short films about domestic violence it seemed that the most effective were the ones that were very simple yet had a strong message. This is why I decided to try and keep my short film as simple as possible.
Inspiration for my short film mainly came from a campaign starring Keira Knightly.
. This short filmed used action shots showing the fighting scenes. These shots shock the audience and that is exactly what i wanted to do with my short film.
I challenged norms and conventions by showing a story instead of just the actual abuse. When i looked more into domestic violence campaigns I found they were very one sided and only looked at the story from one point of view. This is stereotypically a male beating a female. My short film differs in this way because I start my short film with looking at the two characters as a couple,in love.

Looking at different short film posters i found that many of them signified women not being able to speak. For example the one below. This short film posters symbolises the women not being able to escape from something. My short film poster is very different as I use a picture of the couple in love. This may draw the audience in and want to know what happens to the couple.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

With my short film review, i tried to stick with the traditional norms and conventions of a review. I used colums to seperate the texts and also used a rating scale of stars. These too things are both often seen in film reviews to make the writing look tidy and informative. I wanted to do this with my review as it is about a very seriouss subject and wanted the audience to take it seriously.

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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

What is my main audience.?

First of all the biggest audience that I am trying to reach are the victims of domestic violence and those who know those effected and want to help them.

Some Statistics of Domestic Violence.

"Over 40% of domestic violence victims are male." - The Guardian

- In 2006-2007 there were 407 Thousand victims of domestic abuse.

93thousand of those were male and 312 Thousand were female.