Wednesday, 17 November 2010

What is my main audience.?

First of all the biggest audience that I am trying to reach are the victims of domestic violence and those who know those effected and want to help them.

Some Statistics of Domestic Violence.

"Over 40% of domestic violence victims are male." - The Guardian

- In 2006-2007 there were 407 Thousand victims of domestic abuse.

93thousand of those were male and 312 Thousand were female.

My Short Film Rating.

I have decided to rate my film as a 12 as it does contain some violence and emotional scenes. However I did not want it to be any higher than that because i want my short film to reach a wide audience, teenagers espesically.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

This short film on domestic violence really shows how manipulative domestic violence can be. The short film has no soundtrack only diagetic sounds of the man speaking and the women crying because there is no soundtrack I think this adds to the threatening theme of the film and makes it feel more real.
The mise en scene of the short film is also very powerfull. The fact that there is quite an empty set and all the audience can see in the shot is just the girl,the man and the the black tape around the girls mouth adds to the scary feeling.
The opening shot is a medium shot of just the males face. He looks upset and in pain. At first the audience may feel sorry for the man which lures the audience into a false sence of security.

Anaylsis Domestic Violence Short Film #2

The Non Diagetic Sound Opening to this short film is the sound of a heart beating or a heart machine. This sound automatically symbolises danger to the audience, as if someone is in danger.

Also the arguing voices that the audience can hear in the background of this video shows the domestic violence. Unlike some domestic violence short films, this short film you can only hear the domestic violence taking place. I personally think this is more effective and chilling to an audience.

The short film is very simpilistic.

Monday, 1 November 2010

My Poster. #First Draft

Some of my Idea's Of A Symbol

Against Domestic Violence

Example #3

This is my final campaign symbol i have chosen to look at. In my opinion this is the most powerfull campaign that i have seen as it just shows simply a women in front of the camera who has been a victim. The fact that she also has her hand to her lips also gives the audience some fear of what they are seeing as they can see she has been a victim but is saying it is a secret. Giving the impression their is no escape.

Against Domestic Violence

Example 2#
Some campaign symbols are very simple but put the message across directly. This symbol makes you look directly at what it is saying. It also uses the hand as an O letter which signify's the whole word stop.

Against Domestic Violence

I am going to research different types of symbols and campaigns against domestic violence to get some inspiration for my own. I want the symbol to signify the campaign being against domestic violence but in a simple way.

Example #1

Some campaigns use celebrities to help support their campaign. This makes the public more likely to respond to the campaign because they feel they know and trust the person standing up against domestic abuse.