Wednesday, 29 September 2010


My short film has now changed and i am now doing just one campaign for just one problem which is going to be domestic violence.My short film is going to start with three dead bodies (covered up).It is then going to flash back into three different scenes.My characters in my film are three different couples,there is going to be a lesbian couple,a straight couple and a gay male couple.Unlike some campaigns for domestic violence i am going to try show as little of the actual fighting with the couples as possible and symbolise the violence more. For example Using one of the girls sitting in her room and just have her hearing the diouloge of the fighting in her hearing the words fat,ugly said by the abuser. I am also going to also have scenes near the start of the couples being in love and show how the violence has devolped between the couples and where it all went wrong. I am also going to have subtle symbols in the short film all around, for example posters of my campaign in the background of shots. At the end of my short film when the help line number is coming up i am going to show the symbol again and one of the victims saying the number instead of it just being read.

I don't want my characters who are being abused to always seem vunerable and the stereotypical image of a victim. For example, always crying,hunched shoulders and weak.
I am going to do alot of research into domestic violence to make sure i get all the facts exactly right. I am also in the middle of finding a real campaign of domestic voilence and doing a study on it. I could also use this as the number to call at the end of my film.

I am going to look in more depth about my target audience however i think i will have a wide audience. My short film should be sutible for anyone over the age of 15 as domestic violence can effect anyone in any way. Even if the audience aren't victims of domestic violence themselves,they may know someone who has been effected or it may just make them more aware.

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