Monday, 20 September 2010

Introduction To Narrative Theory

Today we looked at an introduction to narrative theory.
Narrative Theory Is.;
> The way the stories are told.
> Narrative Plot refers to everything audibly or visually present
> Time and space in a compressed form.

The Narative story and The Narative Plot are two very different things.

The narative story is the chronological order of all the events.Or the report of an event.
The narative plot is the way the author presents the story and also the way the events are put together and shown to the audience.

Todorov's study.
Todorov suggests there is one narrative structure for most narrative texts.

  • The quest

  • Redemtion

  • Journey to another world.

  • The best transformed by love.

  • The solving riddles.

  • The bitter bit

  • The stranger saviour

  • The rise and fail

Vladimir's Study

Vladimir Propp said that there is a maxim of 31 functions in folktales.

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